Monday, November 30, 2015

One of the best, most loving things you can do for yourself. Mels Love Land Day 19

This is one of the best, most loving things you can do for yourself.  Find people who celebrate who you are, who see you for the wonderful person that you are, who are filled with joy at being there for you in your ups and downs, highs and lows.

Where would any of us be without the people, places and teams that provide support to our efforts. That allow us to grow, that enable us to be “something different today than we were yesterday.” That accept all parts of who we truly are, embracing the bumps and bruises and the light and dark allowing us to surrender into any circumstance with a loving sense of safety and personally held integrity.

Whatever form of insult that takes you to your bottom (and there are many) or for that matter anything that lifts you into the stratospheres, the single most important factor in sustaining personal harmony and living your life from foundational integrity is having a support system.

By finding your people, those individuals that get you, that you don’t have to “work” to explain yourself around. Those safe people, places and spaces that honor your intention of simply knowing you are “good enough” just as you are when remembering that truth becomes difficult. This will be your “Love You” team and will hold the space for your continual flourishing and blossoming and be there providing nourishment through those times of hibernation sowing the seeds of your most radiant centered self with you in spirit weathering storms and cherishing successes become second nature in a process of energizing your inner flame.

There are no secrets to the cycles of life. Each moment represents opportunities to remember the truth. By understanding everything is a lesson being served up for growth in our personal practice of interdependence, by being proactive in building a “Love You” team to support your efforts you will be able to liberate yourself from any self sabotaging moments that stop, stall, divert and tempt you to move into fearful thinking; to help support the true vision of love everlasting, ever giving and all knowing. To be all of you.

We all need cheerleaders of encouragement and nourishment and love. Enjoy your time building and creating a support structure of your people to cheer lead you through the days of your life.

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