Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Why Mels Love Land. Why Now! I'll Be Your Guardian = Angels Among Us

"We are the authors of the inner life" Marianne Williamson 

We are galvanizing forces of nature and passion and purpose shifting the conversation with our loving action by instilling a level of confidence in our being, that, if the will is there, support for the way would be tendered, support for a new day would come. By acting as if...  How do we activate spaces previously sidelined from our loving center?  How do you command the forces of nature shifting the chemistry into new tomorrows in the darkness and energy? This brewing nature of destiny unfolds in each moment we choose love.

One mission.  Returning to love, in every fiber of every day now as a beacon of loving spirit into the foundation of the principles of miracles.
"As your guardian I'll be your keeper for life." by Alanis Morrisette 

We will stand together, be here for each other, and stand in the breech as the global community we are. We are a force to be reckoned with. Together, we accomplish miracles.
In this sound and light, committed to speaking the truth with love and increasing harmony we find the way through.
"I'll be your angel on call
as your guardian"
I'll be your keeper for life.
as your guardian
as your warrior of care

In taking action, in showing up no matter what the outcome you open doors for many others to follow, reminding each of us that wings are ever available to help us fly and stepping up to destiny's promise is that act of commitment where the universe meets each step forward with a 1000 fold force of previously untapped powers of love.
Each life touches so many others and the single act of showing up to the truth is the most powerful expression of humanity we access, in which the ripple effects are staggering and lovely. Each of us are here to give and receive love, to be guardians of each others hearts with care and compassion and love. To showcase a world filled with love and to extend inner peace throughout the planet by celebrating who each of us is.  Guardians of each other, angels in and within our worlds.

The time is always now to take action, to make a shift, to turn thinking on its ass and to reach for up to now unheralded freedoms from shackled outdated ideas.

Everyday a little death that turn us ever forward.  "Our biggest threat is a thousand cuts - the slow but now constant chipping away at our democratic freedoms- one capitulation to moneyed interests at a time..."

These words slice so deeply into the core of our sleepiness as a society to set off alarm bells to action in small and large ways integral to the wake up call that Marianne represents.
Each of us can demonstrate a celebration of commitment, to service, to our work and our lives by engaging an old exhausted conversation in a new way to create anew in the act of standing up, sharing her voice and shedding light in the areas that need it representing the greatest acts we do, the integrity of excellence that creates space of limitless possibility for change.
Destiny is always met in the truth.  The fullest commitment to the deepest truth, that which is seen on the invisible level will have been laid bare and the conversations that have begun will bear fruit in large and small ways bringing about a stepping stone into a gateway of new tomorrows built on the present filled with limitless possibility for a new earth.
Inspiration comes in many forms and in our actions and our work and our message of love, we lead the way for others to follow.  There is no greater experience than witnessing the birth of original perseverance, faith and love in action as the modern day miracle worker sets forth on a journey as old as time where all of us create an economy of togetherness and light to shine away any injustice and birth a new day.
You don't need to ask if your life has meant something.  It has. Check out Marianne Williamson's work here. Get involved in Mels Love Land at

Enjoy today and every day.

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