Sunday, May 24, 2015

What is Different About Today? Deep Listening is the Intuition of Possibility...

What is my life going to be about?  A simple question.  What choice am I going to make today?  What action will I choose in the face of the opportunities that present themselves?  

What will be different about today?

Take the time to listen to what wants to be heard.  Allow this moment and all it represents to fall into love.  Deep listening is the most direct route to connecting to your still small voice, to those whispers of spirit.  You know. You know when you listen to that voice, that feeling, and you know when you don’t.  It is a practice you can strengthen.

Witness the intuition of possibility.
The universal symphony is always broadcasting the most divinely inspired message guiding us along our journey freeing up our life to purpose when we tune in. Connecting to that space and the deeper river of consciousness is apparent when we listen.
A reminder.
In listening we return home…
You get to choose which way your life is going to play.
Enjoy this day in full knowing of your purpose.  In what you are here to do and how you are to serve your community.

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