Tuesday, November 03, 2015

For Now. A Few Things to Remember. #MelsLoveLand #Next100 Day 4

A few things to Remember with Love....

-Change is a constant. The Earth never stops moving and spinning and evolving.

-Freedom is something that our ancestors fought for and should never be taken for granted.

-The heart is always ready to sing a song and your body and spirit love to dance.

-Love always remains the answer.

-Every dog has its day.

-No matter how many tears fall, they will eventually stop.

-A smile turns the world around.

-Every moment is compete.

-Everything that isn't loving as a call for love.

-No matter how dark it gets the sun will always rise and shine.

-Love doesn't hurt, closing our hearts to love hurts.

#MelsLoveLand #Love #Joy

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