Saturday, March 28, 2015

Her voice was "entirely human yet laced with the divine." Words from Russell Brand Discussing His Friend Amy Winehouse...

These words from an article on Russell Brand on his friend Amy Winehouse give us an insight into the intersections where our humanity plays and dances with the divine.  We never know how long we have here on the planet. What our particular path is or how it will play out. Some of us burn bright and explode into the next incarnation."

That is the way of all things.  We never know anything.  We can burn brightly for an instant, slow burn for eternity or never burn.  Everything is at play and each possibility is available, doors not opened, paths not taken, opportunities left on the wayside.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Mostly every action co-creates.  Every action.  You get to make each action count. Do so.

I recommend adding love to all of your actions.  It super charges everything and propels you into magnificent possibilities.

Our actions create the artistry of our lives, that balance of elegance of purpose into the harmony of the universe.

Artistry is an ongoing expression of the uniqueness of our soul's code in co-creation with the present.

In other words each of us brings what we bring and the universe celebrates all of it!

In Amy Winehouse's case her work and soul full talented sound poured through her addiction, maybe the played together easing the way into her ability to remain in the present moment where artistry takes flight.  Who knows. You never know if you will emerge from the spiral of addiction and triumphantly show up when unsustainable behavior prevails.  The truth is you never know.

There is always an inspiration for your actions (constructive, destructive, who is to say) when you are working intuitively. Sometimes you don't know why but you are doing something, and doing something, and doing something, in hopes of connecting that interior pressure to bring the experience into consciousness, it is an eternal ache to do something to bring forth some inkling of what wants to be born. It is beyond your control. You give over to this process through practice through love and through a discipline of showing up every day to the blank page.  You bring forward what wants to be shared and you do it again, and again.

You learn to love the blank page. You learn to love the way the energy flows through your hands. You begin to express the ache in glorious and wonderful ways.

In this knowing of inevitability there is no not doing it is merely being in the presence of this divine opening up the expression not understanding with the mind by searching and feeling with the whole of who you are  the wholeness of that complete picture that you caught a glimpse of before the clouds of memory descends. it is there in the faith and intuition that what was seen beyond the eyes within that work of the heart will ultimately be captured and brought into form of the here and now. the world that exists that our body lives in that isn't anything other than the divining of your expression. that birthing tradition that is honored and cultivated through the leap after leap of faith. Knowing it is leading you somewhere building the intensity of experience so more can be called forth in these places and spaces of the human divine intersection we are without a doubt manifesting the god within that sense of self that fully knows everything that is meant to be brought forth at the moment of destiny that is the destination of our truest self.

We reflect on things of beauty that come out of the intersection of the divine and our humanity.

The questioning just part of the birthing through the insanity and the mania to deliver of the co-created baby into the world, that birthing becoming the full emergence of the divine feminine the impregnation being taken and the process being exercised and nourished and coaxed and cheered and through the doubt and the disgust and the disappointments and the endless dead ends the opening is found and the connection is made. Forever more as part of the conscious experience.

The resistance merely part of the information necessary to know it is time... that the labor pains have begun. that the process of living and breathing into the other space is to be honored and not shut down and you are in the seat exploring everything here and now necessary to bring forth the beautiful creature that is waiting to be born in all its radiant glory no matter what.

Everyone handles entering the co-creative intersection point differently.  It is a power place.

Enjoy Amy Winehouse back to black.  Gone but not forgotten...

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