Friday, February 13, 2015

Love is in community wherever it goes, love is an expression of health and wealth and wellness.

Love is the song of the heart.

Through this power we express ourselves, our talents our creativity, we give birth to new ideas and we experience the creation of new worlds awaiting love’s deepest kiss to manifest.

Love is in community wherever it goes, love is an expression of health and wealth and wellness.  Love exists in everything and moves with the aliveness of this great song of the universe in harmony with our nature.  Our soul’s magnificence spreads through this gateway enlightening all it encounters.  We revel in its glory and we remember it has nothing to do with another person, it is entirely ours.   
In the days ahead, love will entertain, it will ravage, it will laugh and share and trust and break and grow and transcend and change, all the while celebrating the wholeness of who we are.

Love day is every day that we enjoy the true expression of who we are. It breaths into action as we cherish our selves and share our light in the lives of those we encounter.  Take this opportunity to be love, to feel love, to share love to allow its expression to nourish you and build blocks of pure intentional radiance of spirit.  When you feel a tug to judge, love into acceptance, when you feel a pull to stay silent, when you know in your heart there is something to say, speak up, with love, from the depths of all of our humanity and exercise this gentle  practice of Love.

I have my own way of doing this, as everyone has theirs.  Our life is the practice of creating and experiencing love with what works for us. 

Listen to your heart’s song, that gentle and powerful (beyond measure) voice of truth being expressed on the deepest vibrational space through our human feelings. Let the lens of Love shift any judgments.

As Maya Angelou wrote “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

It is all of our job to sing our song with love and to provide an example of the purest grace of our being in giving birth in each moment to what wants to be born in ourselves and those we encounter.  

Have an amazing love day!

With infinite love and gratitude...

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