Saturday, September 20, 2014

Take Mel's Love Land Pledge | For The #Next100 Days I AM Going to Consider the Possibility There is Another Way!

On Monday, 9/22 I am starting the Third Annual Feast of Love and Words as we go #Next Level on creating a Love Land in our hearts with each breath we take.  I am glad we found each other and I am honored to grow together into ever deepening pathways of love where we get to meet and play and sometimes, if we are lucky, dance.

It started for me super simply with a voice that kept saying "for the next 100 days I am going to consider the possibility there is another way" that repeated and repeated until I wrote it down and has grown from there into so many miracles and new pathways of being.

Not sure when you will come across this, or if you need to take the 100 day pledge but I offer it up because it helped me and my hope is it continues to inspire and uplift and move people into loving action.

May Love Land in the deepest spaces of your truest heart and may the lightest touch of peace awaken all to your call.

I am deeply grateful for the gifts I have been given and I appreciate the ways they have shown up and how each day the limitless possibility of the present makes itself known with lots of love.  To further engage the spirit of Love in its many forms Soundcloud will be hosting the drop ins on the 100 Days of Inspirational readings for you to listen to as the Love Land calendar moves forward.  

Please enjoy this first ever reading of my own Next 100 days where I considered the possibilities for a life filled with Love.


Sign up to the right to become a love warrior and never ever forget no matter what happens, you are deeply, completely, wholeheartedly, LOVED.  If you want to check out Love Land you can grab a copy on Amazon.
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