Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"The Power of 'I Am'" A Magnificent Woman...

“Whatever follows I AM is going to come looking for you.”  from Joel Osteen delivered through the Oprah Super Soul Sunday programming.  This power of I AM Oprah sums up as she always does... ”Your life is how you see it.”  Change the way you see your life.  Choose to make your I AM Magnificent.  Get Oprah-fied in little and small ways while you set yourself up for success.

Never have words so simple held so much meaning.  I AM, that I am.  You need look no further than the present moment, and the choice to celebrate the truth.  However you are feeling? However you have arrived where you have arrived and NO MATTER what you are witnessing.  I AM it forward.  See the deepest truth of who you are, see the ways that truth gives birth to what is next.  No matter what follows your I AM you are in the presence of a force greater than you or I.  You are standing at the ground of your being to make a shift to understand how that shift is possible by releasing into this statement with total acceptance.

I AM statements have been with me for a long time.  Partly because of my own journey through getting bare to the truth, through and after the tears, the shame and breakthroughs and still more tears came the words I had been trying to remember...  I am a Magnificent Woman.  I knew when those words broke free in my heart and I could speak them out loud into the clear air my life would change in miraculous ways. 

It did.  I knew I was powerful beyond measure.  I knew I was enough and was ready to broadcast the truth.  I AM A MAGNIFICENT woman.  Click here to see a Guerilla Read of the poem at the West Hollywood Book fair.  The temperature was 102 degrees and you can hardly see me sweating. 

Here's the originating source that Oprah pulled her Lesson from for Super Soul Sunday...

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