Thursday, June 19, 2014


The difference between imagining something and owning it is asking for its delivery and opening your heart to the commitment of taking action.
Each and every AMP Experience Sunday tea brings with it the gift of the unknown and the miraculous activity of the soul stirrings of Tea. AMP is blessed with so much grace. From it’s formation to the organic way that each event manifests to its growth and to where its source lives in the deep reaches of the heart.
One of the rooms at JaHoon Healing Center features The Cherry Blossom.  We honor this symbol of good fortune, an embodiment of love and affection, as well as an enduring reminder of the fleeting nature of mortality and the beauty that breathes in the present moment of blossoming.
Anyone who has every had a dream beyond the limits of their present circumstances can experience the grace of opening. In every AMP the power that flows through these openings always brings so many gifts.

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