Thursday, November 21, 2013

Woman as Healer. Faith as Foundation. Compassion in Action.

Compassion does not ask us to participate in judgment it merely asks us to be compassionate and forgive as we move through our healing process. It is what we remember when we take on the path of the true warrior in service of all that is. This is not the world that we were born into this is the world we inherited and create through our thoughts and actions and like any inheritance we work to become what we need to be for us and we unlearn that which we have acquired and we know our path is our path and all that we are shackled to when released is the way that we come into the truth of who we are.

"'Dr. Zhivago, in Boris Pasternak's great book, said "We are made ill by saying the opposite of what we feel, groveling before what we dislike, and rejoicing at what brings us nothing but misfortune."

While this may seem to be a gloomy statement on human nature, I have found most people nod affirmatively when they hear or read it. Being pulled from inner needs and personal truths by a demanding environment may be one of the root causes of disease or disharmony."  These words written by Jeanne Achterberg in her Woman as Healer book reveal the way we fall into a pattern of forgetting everyday a little death takes place when we align with ideas we do not believe, when we stop talking about what is important and we forget the inner spark burning in each of us to celebrate the truth.

Compassion is standing in support of wellness in our homes, our communities, our world, shifting out of our belief that we need to subjugate our authentic truth.  It is remembering we are the creator and the created born to heal that which goes off track.




photography by Louise Lutz
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