Monday, November 11, 2013

The Miracle of Service. The Inspiration of Peace. The Love of Freedom and Country. Beginnings of the Peace Corp JFK - Eleanor talk...

Greatness lies in all our hearts to be of service.  On Veteran's Day we honor those among us that carry the badge of military action past and present in defense of Freedom.

Researching is the great gift of a writer’s life.  It not only opens worlds unexplored in your regular life but it allows the opportunity to give flight to your hearts intuition.  It allows you to make the connections of the past to inspire the ideas of the present and it enables the expression of unstoppable faith that anything is possible when we give freely of the gifts we have been given.

In many ways public service uncovers the brightest and the darkest parts of the human heart. To be in truly in service is one of the ways we make manifest the promise of humanities most precious gifts, Peace on Earth because as we extend our hearts to support others any barrier that exists fall away.

From PBS Prospects of Mankind John F. Kennedy and Eleanor Roosevelt sit down on the day he issued the declaration of the beginning of the Peace Corp.

"Using their desire for service for the benefit of mankind."

"We hope by the end of this year to have 500 to a 1000 young men and women... in service of peace around the world.  In the service of peace. I am hopeful this will do a great bit to the world but also " -- JFK

"The beginning of a broadening of our whole idea... we have been beginning of thinking so much on the past on a national scale this is the beginning of thinking on an international scale."

"...Strong thread, strong chord of service and a desire to be involved in a great effort which really runs through our people."

Having the conversation is where it starts.  Opening the door to the chord of service to expand ideas to evolve the action necessary for the betterment of man kind.

In the beginning of any movement are tiny agreements to take action.  Tiny agreements of the heart and the mind and the spirit.  Tiny agreements that open the doors for growth and possibility.  Tiny agreements that set the stage for all that follows.

We have to start somewhere to ignite change and bring forward the space of our hearts that know we can shelter, educate, inspire and develop an interconnected community of man in service to the best in each other.  Offering a hand so we can move together in one society, not separate societies of inequity.

Let your heart take you somewhere you never imagined.  Let being in service be your guide.

Peace comes from knowing peace
Love comes from being Loving
Gifts come from wholly giving

In this light, take a moment today, 11/11 to remember why you are here.

Get inspired.  Stand up and be of service.

Be someone in which other people are enlivened to rise up into all their glory.

For more information on the Peace Corps check it here.

lots of love,

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