Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rise into Greatness.

Every day we have an opportunity to choose to be kinder than we think possible.  We get to meet and greet each person we come in contact to with Love.  This radical stance of compassionate positioning where we engage the other person from a heart centered place creates miraculous event horizons.  What we extend with Love returns to us a thousand fold.  What we come to own in our heart and extend outward becomes the spirit of peace and comfort we experience.  We are gifted this opportunity simply by being awake and present to our surroundings.

Never more so has it been so critical to understand how our thinking creates our outcomes and how a loving heart works in service to the collective consciousness.  When I was going through a particularly fascinating personal transformation I was gifted a few affirmations from the universe.  It became important to write them down and collect them as they came through.  Nearing the birthdays of my Nephew and my Best Friend's lovely Daughter I chose to celebrate them by turning the universal affirmations into two tiny books as a reminder of the truth of who we are and what their arrival into the world meant in my life.  I chose to honor the future by connecting the work of I AM A GREAT MAN and I AM A MAGNIFICENT WOMAN to the hearts and minds of these two beautiful children.

What grew from this act has been a blessing to me and many others.  I learned that in acting from my intuition I could strengthen the experience of Love in my life.  This work of sharing the affirmations gifted me, helped shine a light and I have heard from others that the work has been a great comfort to them.  For this I am grateful.  Today, a few years later, I am surrounded by beautiful, loving, kind and courageous individuals sharing themselves in the most authentic and astounding ways.  One of these fantastic friends, Garrett Hunter, of Black Tower Media sent me a recording of his reading the opening pages of I am a Great Man.

Please enjoy his offering, I certainly did. It is moving and touching to experience the words spoken from his heart.  Mr. Hunter is a wonderful man and it is my honor and pleasure to share his voice in a GREAT MAN audio experience....


Life awaits my swagger of victory

I am

Commander of the skies
Captain of the Seas
I know the truth of its blues

The sun shines in my being

I Love with a brave heart
Of compassion
That is all that is asked of me

I am a great man

We come to understand our greatness and magnificence through the discipline of exercising the truth as compassionate faith in the unknown.  Affirmations can lead the way to the brilliance of remembering the truth in a daily practice of connecting within, that bears the fruit of nature's fullest grace wrapped in a new life filled with tremendous Love.

My wish for you after reading and experiencing this post would be to enter into your own practice, that act of stretching beyond the gravity of your thinking to bring forward the presence of that which is in us but not of us, that universal life force energy that is always at our disposal.

Check out this tiny powerhouse of a book, I am a Great Man, for your ipad or iphone at the itunes store.

Lots of Love,


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