Monday, January 23, 2012

123 - Year of the Dragon

2012 is lining up to be a fabulous energetic explosion of opportunities to remember how magnificent the universal symbols that surround us are to remind us of the great power that exists within us that is not of us that is ever ready to rise up and engage our humanity at a new level of collaboration.

Today we enter the year of the dragon. It is 1/23 and the numerology of a new beginning is fully engaged.

Because of this fortuitous opening -- starting 2/2/12 we will be kicking into a year of powerful numerological activity taking advantage of conscious Mel events with each successive number | month and day to build toward the best of all years, where life is fabulous, love is flourishing and each activity builds on the last in wonderful exponential terrific-ness.

02/02 Pyramid of Power - (Los Angeles, CA)

03/03 Mystical Saturday Night - Mystic Journey Bookstore (Venice, CA)

Mark your calendar, email for details and join me in raising our collective consciousness. Upcoming dates 04/04, 05/05, 06/06  etc.

Happy Chinese New Year!
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