Sunday, January 01, 2012

Whatever You Need Mama Will Provide!

It is amazing how often we find God when we are looking somewhere else.

Once on this Island is a beautifully rendered one act musical dealing with nature. The nature of the personal journey we all take and the effects of nature in full force.

Down the road, little girl
You may lose your way
All alone in a world
That may seem too wide
But sit on Mama's lap
And I will draw a map
And whatever
You need
Mama will

Repeat to yourself often. Whatever you need Mama will provide.


She does.

Have patience. Have joy in this moment and watch Mother Nature unfold beautifully.

"Around this bend little friend
I'll be by your side.
That's what her mama's worth
to give her child the earth
And whatever you need
Mama Will Provide!"

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