Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"That driving force of God that plunges through me is what I live for."

That is the kind of statement I can get behind. Martha Graham performed because she had to. She pushed herself to achieve against all odds and in her expression new worlds of connection emerged.  From her Peabody Award winning filmed discussion - A Dancer's World. 

"Dance is communication and the great desire is to speak clearly and beautifully and with inevitability. And this is true of all of us."

Do more. Be more.  Check out a clip

“There comes a moment when she looks at you in the mirror and you realize that she is looking at you and recognizing you as herself. It is through you. Her love. Her hope. Her fear. Her terror is to be expressed and there is a moment of fear on your own part. Dread. Sense of hazard feeling that perhaps you haven’t done quite enough work; perhaps you should have gone back to the studio and worked again. Because that which you do not want to do is to fail in either clarity or in passion. You give all your life to doing this one thing… it sounds grim… it sounds frightening. It isn’t." 
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