Monday, August 08, 2011


When you meet someone that has been brought into your space at the perfect moment designed to walk a bit of your path together to learn something through interpersonal interaction many aspects of yourself are revealed. Things that you love about yourself and things that you find tense and gripping to engage with.

You may do all kinds of things to avoid the inevitability of these discoveries and deal with them but make no mistake this is an inevitable interaction and the truest gift of The Other. A learning opportunity that will revisit you until you embody the truth of who you are and make acceptance part of your daily routine. The Other is the ultimate opener to your self love and lives and breaths within the decisions you make around how this person's statements and actions will either open a gateway deeper into the truth of who you are or wedge a block in the flow of your being that closes the connection to that which is most important for your growth and development. 

Bring Love to every encounter. See how things go. Make adjustments when necessary and have fun out there. Life is meant to be enjoyed, cherished and full of Love.

Melanie Lutz presents LOVE LAND  Tip #402
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