Monday, June 06, 2011

Three Thoughts on Love & the Soul...

by Peter Wilberg author of The New Yoga...

"Love in the deepest sense can only come from recognizing both our own feelings and those of others as the “surface” of a deeper knowing -  a direct feeling cognition of the other. Feelings are but the “surface of inner cognitions” (Seth). They are the surface expression of a feeling awareness and a feeling cognition that directly touches and therefore directly knows its object. This feeling cognition has the character of a direct bodily proprioception of the soul of the other."

"Love may find outer expression in the romantic feelings, in the ‘heat’ or ‘fire’ of passion and in close sexual contact but its source is the inner warmth and light of the feeling soul - in those felt qualities and flows of awareness that are experienced in the “nearness of distance.” Love may also find expression in aesthetic creativity and in bodies of intellectual knowledge - but its source is a direct inner knowing that belongs to the feeling soul."

"Love is that “inner vibrational touch” (Seth) by which we come to know the other in their essence. It is a touch that touches us with the sensual beauty of the other’s soul in all its qualities and with its spiritual essence or quintessence."
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