Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Man.

An original is an original. (and yes I am talking to you Glee and your redos of classic works!)

There is no one who resonated the goods like Barbra Streisand. No one can or ever will capture a song's heart like this woman. This definitive performance of My Man from the feature film version of Funny Girl is a sizzler.

I started hearing My Man this morning. I don't know why. I treasure its message and recognition of the truth. Playing the legendary Fanny Brice who falls in love with a gambler, Barbra Streisand won the Academy Award for Funny Girl, the William Wyler directed performance, would be the first and only tie in Academy history. Barbra shared the award with Katharine Hepburn for her performance in The Lion in Winter... which is super cool for your first Oscar.

You might say I was weaned on "My Name is Barbra." Happy Days Were Always Here Again when she was singing. In my teens I became hooked on her movies (every one) there was never a miss so every performance was a master work.

I don't know how many people's happy place is (with Barbara) on the boat scene from Funny Girl singing Don't Rain On My Parade and when she pulled the legendary "white microphone" incident on Oprah's Show it was with a fans knowing smile that I rejoiced in the celebration of an artist who knows how to deliver.

Ms. Streisand is a role model in always standing for what she believed in with grace whatever the platform of her expression.

Her gifts are legendary, how she used them extraordinary.

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