Wednesday, April 27, 2011


LOVE LAND topic #222
"I am open to giving and receiving Love."

For the heart has remembered
The spirit is ready

To give and receive Love

I recognize the truth with the fiery passion of commitment

I rejoice in all that I am

I am accepting
I am caring
I am empathic
I am faithful
I am holy
I am insightful
I am nurturing
I am open
I am curious
I am wise
I am zestful
I am young
I am understanding
I am balanced
I am grace

It doesn’t matter where I started
It never does
It’s where I grow

I prepare, love, nurture, inspire, teach
I demonstrate leadership
I illuminate possibility
I remain open to the gifts waiting to be born

I celebrate, celebrate, celebrate

Who I am

All of me

I am a Magnificent Woman

Excerpted from Melanie Lutz's I am a Magnificent Woman

Open your heart. Free your mind. and live your life out loud.
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