Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There is no almost about it....

Being in Love is one of the most enriching ways to look at life.

Growing up, James Taylor was an inspiration and a source of deeply connected resonating truth about the places and experiences that flooded my childhood. Here he is singing a song from the musical Brigadoon written by Alan J. Lerner and Frederick Lowe...

The beauty of a classic song, crafted with the perfection of purpose is that any artist can perform it and radiate their soulfulness.

The images of Valentine's Day in sunny LA yesterday were astounding, the hearts on display and in focus at every store, the huge lines at See's Candy, the empty fast food places (I guess McDonald's doesn't spell - Happy V-day!) the freeway entrance flower sellers, the spas filled up with people getting pampered, the streams of people leaving the drug stores I passed with flowers in their hands and hurried smiles on their faces, the crowd of singles in yoga class and filling up the pool and sauna laughing and carrying on a testament to honoring the spirit of the day.

lots of love today and everyday!

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