Thursday, February 17, 2011

Did you ever have one of those moments...

Where it all comes together. Where what you have been looking for arrives and in a completely shocking and unbelievably perfect way.

After meeting with a particularly hip sensationally fabulous artist to discuss creative direction for my feature film The Jazz Train -- an idea sparked, I remembered a conversation I had with a community organizer in San Francisco about his favorite musical performer, funk soul force of nature Betty Davis. Thanks again to the fabulous YOUTUBE and its collection of collectors, music lovers and kindred spirits a collection of Album covers set to the perfect song was waiting for us, to inspire a visual picture giving birth to imagery lighting up the words on the page of script poured over and imagined, now becoming a reality!

Check out the fabulously eclectic Betty Davis, the second wife of Miles Davis.  For me, this is the beginning, a reference point to begin the character development sketching and story boarding for a particularly complicated musical biography surrounding a fictional First Lady of Soul -- whose life was so big no one in her life could reconcile where and how she could fit into theirs.

Life is an ever unfolding cabaret like experience of being open to what floods into consciousness.

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