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Melanie Lutz Biography

Mel Lutz is a writer, love activist, and all around magnificent woman. 

As a writer, producer she develops quirky characters that promote self discovery. Her life long artistic work has contributed to some of the world's most iconic talents, brands and entertainment companies (most recently FX Networks where she worked on the launch of FXX's Every Simpsons Ever Marathon, many FX originals including The People V. OJ Simpson (which garnered record Emmy Nominations) with the Best Marketing Team in the Business (lead by artistic legend Stephanie Gibbons) Mel is a life long student of the entertainment business with a deep love of storytelling and all things soul enriching. Her curious nature has lead her to many diverse and wonderful production experiences and endeavors. Quite simply she is a lover. Her efforts have delivered block busting, high ratings success, critical acclaim, audience pleasing intrigue.

Mel has started, owned and sold different media companies, developed award winning films, theater and media. She has worked on successful Oscar campaigns, developed systems and workflows to create and distribute content. As a powerful collaborator, Mel has a unique way of magnifying as Walt Disney promoted "the dreams and wishes the heart makes" and spinning them into soul satisfying entertainment. Her 15 years of experience crafting, developing and creating puts her in a unique position always opening up new possibilities in every situation she finds herself.

Influenced by childhood viewings of classic films through WWOR-TV New York's channel 9, she became addicted to her babysitters - Billy Wilder, Ernst Lubitsch, George Stevens, The Three Stooges and Abbott and Costello films.  Her voracious appetite for books, love of musicals and the overactive imagination for a young girl growing up near a dairy farm in Pennsylvania has served her well.

Her commitment to Love Activism is demonstrated in every act, circumstance and situation Mel participates in. She seeks first to be of service, always to do no harm and responds to the call of duty as activated within. Her sacred work holds a vision for a world where all who enter -- shall know love. She participates in the sacred work of holding a vision for a new world ordered by Love. Mel is a contributor to, a constant blogger, a Reiki Master and believes in the transformational power of vibrational Love energies.

Melanie worked her way through high school and college producing and promoting live events with (to highlight a few) Jerry Seinfeld, Aerosmith, Guns & Roses and started her production career on the East Coast working for Lou Dobbs at CNN in the Washington DC Bureau before moving to the West Coast.

Her Hollywood beginnings are legendary. After working as an agent in Los Angeles Melanie opened her first Entertainment Production and Management Company with a few clients including Vince Vaughn, landing him his first major motion picture, Rudy, introducing him to Jon Favreau. She supported the two men through idea, development, staged readings and sale of the landmark indie buddy movie "SWINGERS" expanding her business into a full service production company representing actors, developing writers, and producing for directors. She co-created, co-founded and launched one of the first Internet Studios (all digital distribution and exhibition) with Lionsgate and many film libraries working closely with the Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Variety, Microsoft, Apple and London Premiere Screenings to expand online eventually selling the Studios and technology leading the way for and Netflix.

Her early indie producing efforts include, JONNA'S BODY, PLEASE HOLD, JUST YOUR LUCK with Virginia Madsen, Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Flea, Ernie Hudson, and the campy musical comedy PINK AS THE DAY SHE WAS BORN.

Mel has written several highly acclaimed autobiographical books including "THE BARE MELCESSITIES:  WALKING OUT.  WAKING UP.  GETTING BARE." a written self portrait of a year spent starting over after a divorce.  It is her version of getting back to the basics, of baring it all, and sharing an experience through a spiritual journey in search of enlightenment.  One of her works MELS LOVE LAND, a collection of loving thoughts and essays in one impactful book to light bulb the way through any change, continues to inspire artists, musicians, touching hearts through an annual yearly Love event #NEXT100 a #MiniMag and an upcoming docu-series.

Mel’s Production Company, Always Alice, creates projects that bridge the worlds of art and commerce, meaning and media, all presented through an ever expanding inward lens of humanity and exhibition.

Mel was born at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania and lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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