Monday, November 29, 2010

The Perfect Gift from the Heart

Gift yourself peace and clarity and love.

Melanie Lutz is hosting a POWER SHOT of LOVING YOURSELF... 10 days. All Love. Delivered every morning to your inbox.

Purchase Love Infused Messages for you and your loved ones.

2/3 - 2/13
3/21 - 3/31

You will get daily love infused hits and media designed to break through past thinking and patterns and offer loving support through the holidays.

Think of it as a mini radical loving yourself fest offered to uplift and inspire.

If you are not waking up every morning in Joy. Why not explore a different approach to the day. Let your days be filled with possibility, to dance to the beat of your truest self, illuminating the steps forward in your soul's evolution, expanding your purpose and passion.

In Love.

All you need is an email and an open heart.

Be. Love. Repeat.

lots of love,

brought to you by and Your Loving Band of Angels.

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