Sunday, November 07, 2010

Celebrating Fabulously Realized Movie Moments

There are not enough words to describe how absolutely effortless Julia Roberts work is in carrying these classic archetypal moments on film.

For me this scene at the end of My Best Friend's Wedding perfectly encapsulates the entire arc of the characters and plot of the film...

Director PJ Hogan brought an air of elegance and timelessness to this musically influenced production utilizing one of my all time favorite songs the Academy Award winning The Way You Look Tonight to ride through the emotions of the film delivering the passing of the torch penultimate moment of discovery.

Composer Jerome Kern and lyricist Dorothy Fields knocked this song out of the park.


If you are interested in the original use of this song from the movie Swing Time performed by Fred Astaire to the always radiant Ginger Rogers. Here you go!

This song is one of the greats. It is purely a supreme a work of art.
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