Friday, October 08, 2010

The Road By The Ocean

A little taste

- Vanessa by the Sea -

a grace filled exploration of the events surrounding my therapy meetings with 
MA. MFT. Psychotherapist Vanessa L. Bland
through a process of transformation, healing and forgiveness...

Symphonic sounds of waves crashing.

Haunting. Pushing, pulsing, falling forward... the sun glowing over an endless stretch of sand and surf of the Pacific Ocean.
You know when you meet certain people
They are going to change your life as you know it to be.
In their presence worlds long forgotten leap forth
Awakening you to the truth of who you are.

Moving over the ocean, across the increasingly rich shades of blues, through the light ethereal mists casting the water’s surface. Pure visual poetry signifying an eternity of limitless possibility calling forth another space beyond what is seen. 

We met every Thursday for three years.
The conversations were broad and ranging,
We talked of owning the self, sharing the expansiveness
Of the present and living in the limitless possibility of oneness.

The ocean strong and passionate and moody 
framed the whole experience,
It’s temperament full and rich and altogether knowing.

The road by the ocean had much to teach me
And it led me right to her.

At the optimal moment of intrigue we break below the surface entering the depths of the deep radiant blue.

a new work
Melanie Lutz

(Writer Melanie Lutz's new work in progress follows the journey of "walking into the water" of her being in this spiritual exploration of waking up to the deeper conversation.) 
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