Sunday, October 03, 2010

Day Three - Amazing Magnificent and Phenomenal Sunday Tea


Cantoni Design

420 N. La Brea Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036

DATE: October 3, 2010

TIME: 11am-3:00pm


 Creating an environment where Amazing Magnificent Phenomenal (AMP) women can meet other AMP women to discuss topics that women care about. Tea has held a long tradition for women in many parts of the world.  All cultures have their customs.  For women is it a time to join together and share personal stories again advice and reconnect with themselves and other women.  We honor this long tradition.

THEME “From this Garden Grows...Enrich every moment”  

The first of many AMP woman’s events to come.

We were inspired by the generations of women who have made today possible!

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Nothing I love more than people who pour their hearts into baked goods...


Day Three of a 40 day honoring cycle that started 10-1-10 for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month... it is a Mel movement of the heart, a cycle of gratitude in the light of remembrance.

May you feel connected, comforted and full of peace. Today. Now. Always.

In Grace and appreciation,


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