Thursday, October 07, 2010

Day Seven - Cherish the Moment

A dear comedy writing friend of mine shared a tiny detail of his process in handling the massive rejection and ongoing notes and the general 'not getting it' that takes place with his work. He made a decision long ago that when someone did say something nice he would take it at face value imagining the kind thought floating directly into his heart taking full residence, hugging and embracing the feeling of acceptance in its entirety.

To see him enact this personal sponging of a compliment is fantastic. It is all our work to cherish the nice things people have to say about us, to be grateful, and to accept the blessing without our self judgment deflecting it.

Day Seven of a 40 day honoring cycle that started 10-1-10 for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month... it is a Mel movement of the heart, a cycle of gratitude in the light of remembrance.

May you feel connected, comforted and full of peace
Today. Now. Always.
May you be lead to a profound opening in your vision of what is
into all that awaits...

In grace and appreciation,


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