Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What Price Liberty?

Sizzling, Sacred and Surreal

The freedom expressed and endured that created our reality retreats even as I write these words.

Our sons and daughters mourn the richness of purpose that once flowed effortlessly through the air. We stopped deeply breathing long ago, began accepting instant gratification and became hardened to the longer possibilities of meaning and purpose and discipline.

Within the walls of our confinement we have lost our way. Each of us needs to reclaim the passion and purpose of being. We know not what can be done because trying has been supplanted with apathy. The war lost before it has begun.

I say no more.

Is our thirst for instilled freedom a clipped eagle of intention that no longer holds any exuberance? The towering oneness of an America merged with all positions and perils and profundity in and around the world enrapturing our humanity in a powerful vision of understanding.

Pick up your liberties, not holding them as a shield but as an anthem for endless fostered longings, as an emblem for oneness stretching and ever searching and ever growing toward social justice for all.

Rising from the ashes of entitlement. A kernel of hope blossoms.


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