Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Mel Insights -- Tweaking Character Dialogue

Mel Tip -- In the early going don't edit yourself.

Subject: The Other dialogue

Don't worry -- when working on an early draft--

In this case an emotionally distant high powered executive ---Sometimes more needs to be more --- Go for it.... You can always pull back.

Lead character: ROSEMARY --

Does anybody need to live with an ‘other’, can’t we just be ourselves, have our residences, our own space, be lifelong friends, live as we live. Meet when need be. Have sex when we need to. Otherness isn’t meant to rule. What if one and one existed side by side, life by life, time by time and it was a good thing. Trees grow on their own. The squirrel scurries in solitude but they aren't alone... and I can feel that life meant us to couple at times but nature intended the solo performance. in all its brilliance. We dance together but we live our oneness. The otherness a fancy of cavemanian romance.

The expression flows out onto the page and is available for the editorial eye.

"the way is not difficult... it is just different"
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