Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let There Be Light!

My heart is alternately breaking and expanding with equal beats as I witness the events of our days.

On the surface it is a time of truly devastating tragedies and deep ungrounded indulgence bringing up all our fears, numbing us into inaction because what was will not be what is. On a deeper level we are being called and encouraged to move into the adult conversation, to know the great resourcefulness and incredible displays of true inner spirit we are longing to tap into. Like Mark Antony urging mourners into action over the body of Julius Caesar "If you have tears, prepare to shed them now." It most certainly won't be the last. But remember these are adult tears. Propelling action. Finding solutions. Telling the truth.

The era of great leadership seems to be on a hiatus and really when it finally emerges is not wholly going to right this ship. We are in a time when taking personal responsibility must ignite the way forward. Where we've been good we are going to need to be great and where we've been unconscious we need to wake up. The one thing we can be sure of... the person standing in front of you, driving next to you, working down the hall has experienced, or is experiencing as much trauma as you. In that light. Be kind.   

Our 21st Century America never had to develop its sea legs, we didn't have to cross an ocean to gain our freedom. We built this America by using freedoms we were given. In the midst of this tremendous transformational time of necessary change there is no need to be discouraged when it seems to only bring more change. Faith is an aspect of consciousness. We can choose to have faith in the microcosm and macrocosm of misery that seems to litter our horizons or we can choose to have faith and vision for a world in harmony. A world transformed. It is not a time to feel powerless and tired to the point we need to curl up in a ball and take a nap closing our hearts and falling into a fog. It is a time to be a light so others, our children, our neighbors, our communities, here and across the globe, can rise and shine. Everyday. Fully fed and safe from suffering.

"A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors and remembers." John Kennedy had it right in his speech celebrating Robert Frost.

Make no mistake the message we are currently projecting is being internalized sinking deep into young minds. Right now we are producing (and to a certain extent honoring) role models of zero substance. A series of Pratts, entitled Housewives, Cheaters, Daughters that want to be Porn Stars and a generation looking to celebritize everything about themselves and their existence. 

Let's be remembered for our ability to change with grace to transform our present turmoils into peace on earth. Let's get really clear, what we do matters. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said "Living a life of meaning is not a popularity contest." We have challenges, for sure, things are breaking apart and falling away... However when Winston Churchill on the day of the French capitulation said "Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the human race lasts for a 1000 years, let them say ... "This was their finest hour" he offered a space above the doubt, beyond the uncertainty and bleakness of circumstance to rise into.

Join me in celebrating moments of magnificence, individuals of purpose, and every expression of love that you see, encouraging more of that kind of behavior. Uplifting every moment that follows. Leading us into a new era.

Dudes... It is time to say "Let there be Light!"

Email me will any ideas on people you want to celebrate -- 

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