Tuesday, August 03, 2010


As David Denby writes in his New Yorker review of Chris Nolan's INCEPTION
"His new movie, “Inception,” is an astonishment, an engineering feat, and, finally, a folly. Nolan has devoted his extraordinary talents not to some weighty, epic theme or terrific comic idea but to a science-fiction thriller that exploits dreams as a vehicle for doubling and redoubling action sequences."

Nobody enjoys the subconscious, dreams and general projecting more than me. I was excited to see Chris Nolan's cinematic take... with that said I found myself mildly intrigued, enjoying the artistry, and appreciating the efforts that went into the telling... However like a visit to the museum on an empty stomach... There was not enough grounded story telling to sustain the trip. The whole thing was a single note played to long and I couldn't wait for the thing to end... Read the whole New Yorker review here... Christopher Nolan’s “Inception,” review: newyorker.com

Let me know what you thought of the film audiences are flocking to.
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