Saturday, June 26, 2010


Don't leave anything on the table.

Edited from his years teaching writing at USC the book The Total Film-Maker by Jerry Lewis is a ground breaker in the field of entertainment and a go to for anyone looking to impact the world of cinema. A refreshing and energizing breeze before any feature undertaking.

"The total film-maker is a man who gives of himself through emulsion, which in turn acts as a mirror. What he gives he gets back." -- Jerry Lewis

A tiny gem from the book--

Joe Mankiewicz once said "a good director is a man who creates an atmosphere for work."


The transference is at the core of dealing with actors on the human level. Warmth, affection and understanding flow from it, and a two-way street of hugging develops. You may wind up hugging each other as sons-of-bitches in the worst kind of battle, but beneath it is honest care and concern for each other and the film.

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