Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Susan Sarandon to Film Ping-Pong Reality Show

Susan Sarandon to Film Ping-Pong Reality Show

It's official icons of Film are going where the entertainment action is... The Reality morass continues its consumption of an industry hunting down Where The Wild Money is...

I don't hold it against anyone... AND. I quite like the verve of the club.

Check out her ping pong NY club SPiN here.

Ps. The Clubs eatery DUCKS and its collection of chefs gets a Mel thumbs up for pure adorableness!!  

In the rush to feed the Attention Deficit technology applications, let's not forget -- the artistry and enduring connection of a crafted feature film... and continue to support and celebrate the longer cycles of the beautifully imagined feature film.

Bull Durham (20th Anniversary Edition)
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