Thursday, June 17, 2010



As we transition from Spring to Summer. As we fall in love, maybe for the first time, maybe for the millionth time. As weddings are celebrated and vacations are planned, as the planet crunch we are all experiencing reaches a boiling point. It's Time.

Let any story that no longer serves the deeper peaceful-ness of your being fall away. Step into the next possibility of the greatest expression of your wholeness. Turn all the absolute shining brilliance of possibility into full on probability. Let go of your anxiousness, let go of your judgment, let go of your tired, heavy, boring, story. Stop the "yeah, but" and just say YES! to the joys of Summer. Explore all the beauty of these final days of Spring filled with incredible wonder and next week when Summer hits with all its blazing glory be ready to bask in its warm glowing rays.

May Love land in the deepest spaces of your truest self and may the lightest touch of peace awaken all to your call.

Brought to you by The Magnificence Project.
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