Monday, June 14, 2010

Calling All Great Men.

Here's your Wake Up Call -- Just in time for Father's Day!


My actions create a solid chain of unbroken kindness
My power lies in the heart of human kind

I own my responsibilities but I am not weighed down by responsibility

I am a Great Man

Dignity and resolve become my daily companions
I rise up to any challenge with integrity
I face what seems unfaceable

And begin again

I offer up all of my being
To the force of my family

I put the past behind me
It has become to heavy to carry

Temptation will not sway my steps
I will rise into the full glory of my warrior self
Far above
The undisciplined rabble

My remembrance of all great deeds will grow fuller with each breath
My action will be born out of the integrity of my being

I am a model of humility and courage
I am a model of patience and prosperity
I lead the way so others may follow

I trust the process of great leadership
Which knows the wellspring of connection of the whole
Flourishes in the spirit of the We.

I stand in the truth of my masculinity
Arriving with enlightenment
At my own door
In peace

I enjoy a battle of fierce determination to do that which is right minded
I stand in my personal integrity
And give of myself to the truth of myself

I am a Great Man

In all that means
In all power and strength
Leading and being
For my family
For my brothers
For my community
Telling the truth when it is necessary
Sparing those unforgiven suffering

Life awaits my swagger of victory

I am

Commander of the skies
Captain of the Seas
I know the truth of its blues
The sun shines in my being

I Love with a brave heart
Of compassion
That is all that is asked of me

I am a Great Man

I will hear the truth when it is spoken
I will not resist the next expression of my soul's code
I will look over whatever wreckage has been wrought
And see the "deeper fields of possibility."

I am a Great Man

I will speak with authority and compassion
I will soften to the righteous way
I see my losses as opportunities
To reclaim my clarity of spirit

Let my knowing guide my aim
Let not my thoughts rule my actions
Let a deeper river instruct the truth.

The battle is not my concern
I abide in the honor of my deeper home
Raised up in full light
My heart has a steely knowledge of the open timelessness of being.

Where I am weak
Make me strong
Where I am
Talking cheap
Let me be free
Of my need to be right

Le me

Be me

I am a Great Man.

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