Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Balanchine Legacy Lives On

Even as the last ballerina he hired retires from the stage...

In The New York Times Gia Kourlas writes DARCI KISTLER has a way of walking onto a stage and casting a spell. For years you could be sure that someone in the audience — in barely a whisper — would remind you that the woman with the honey blond hair, broad shoulders and killer legs was the last ballerina trained and hired by George Balanchine. (Read the whole article here. )

Dancers are at once honest and courageous giving flight to form through movement. When you see a great dancer you are seeing life being born before your eyes.

George Balanchine, regarded as the “Father of American Ballet,” had a belief while pushing limits and getting bigger, more extraordinary results from his dancers that everyone learns a certain amount and thinks, “Enough, finally I’m done;” I’ve arrived. When pushed, they are surprised to discover, “Wow, I can do that!?” In response to the person’s surprise at their own results, Balanchine always said, “Yes, you can.”

Having Kistler retire from the New York City Ballet is an interesting footnote in a beautiful career.

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