Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your Soul's Bumping Out Your Song.

Start listening.

When you step onto the path of uncovering your Soul's call, you start hearing and articulating things you did not want to know, and it can be overwhelming.

Don't get thrown. The soul's siren song is always broadcasting and could care less about your plans, the soul doesn't make any distinctions between light and dark, doesn't care about pain or heartache, and absolutely doesn't want to hear what you think you should be doing.

It worries not over failure, or success.

These first lines of a Pablo Narudo poem written near the end of his career looking back at his beginnings brings the feeling to life in the poetic language...

"Something ignited in my soul, fever or unremembered wings, and I went my own way deciphering that burning fire."

The heart and soul only cares that you do it your way.

"Something ignited in my soul"

Give this all the oxygen it needs.

"I went my own way deciphering that burning fire."

Listen to what is being called for.

Take the next step even though it is scary.

LA POESIA by Pablo Neruda

...And something ignited my soul,
fever or unremembered wings,
and i went my own way,
that burning fire
and i wrote the first bare line,
bare, without substance, pure
pure wisdom
of one who knows nothing,
and suddenly i saw
the heaven
and open.


Brought to you by: Photography by Melanie Lutz

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