Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gifts of the Moment.

The graciousness of giving is one of the main catalysts of change because grace is more than a feeling, it is a readiness to be open, an action and movement to be on top of your being, reaching out to others. Gandhi often said "the end is inherent in the means." Through giving and grace you begin to understand fully your means and the ending is written in gratitude. Let's take this day, to gift yourself. Gift yourself the grace of listening.

Jewish lyricist Yip Harburg once commented, “A song is the pulse of a nation’s heart, a fever chart of its health. Are we at peace? Are we in trouble? Do we feel beautiful? Are we violent? Listen to our songs.” It also relates to you, your pulse. What songs are you hearing now? What song is crying out to be heard?

When you start listening and step onto the path of uncovering your Soul's call you start hearing and articulating things you did not want to know, and it can be overwhelming. Let your song be your guide. The soul's siren song is always broadcasting and could care less about your plans. The soul doesn't make any distinctions between light and dark, doesn't care about pain or heartache, and absolutely doesn't want to hear what you think you should be doing.

Listen to the simple sounds of you.

Nothing complicated. There is no act required that is beyond your capabilities. There is only and always the simple principle, the simple sound of your Truth. Again, it might not be something you want to hear, you may have been tuning it out, but the journey lies in that Truth. How we choose our actions amplify the radical edge of the tune lifting ourselves beyond current circumstances, carrying us into the uplifting tides of tomorrow.

Give yourself, your partner, your family a gift. Focus on your song. In doing this you give the gift of letting them be different today than they were yesterday.

To give is to get, so in gifting yourself you get a new day where you are listening and allowing your endings to flourish.

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