Saturday, December 26, 2009


Make the choice to accept your mistakes, to revel in your failures, to remove judgment from your vocabulary and watch everything get very simple.

With this one action you are removing drama and "issues" from your daily thoughts. You are focusing on the journey and living in the adventure of each day. With this one shift you are cheering for yourself, living in forgiveness and any perceived mistakes only become information. That's all... Information for you to consider in your next steps forward.

Yes. It's tough to own perceived mistakes or failures. It will bring up everything about how you are not good enough, how your way of being isn't okay. Do it anyway. A mistake is just that a missed take.

Surrounding yourself with love and support become the order of your new day. Giving you the opportunity to become centered in a nourishing pattern. We're done with the self abusive, self loathing beat downs. If you are over feeling a certain way. It needs to go. Change your thinking. Let it go.

Okay. It's going to be challenging. But anything that doesn’t feed you, needs to be weeded out. Letting go is the process. As Tallulah Bankhead said, “if I had my life to live again. I’d make the same mistakes only sooner.”

Conviction is the army of truth free from the blindfold of judgment.

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