Thursday, December 24, 2009

Divine Love

We are witnessing a great struggle. A struggle that is externalizing all of our inner conflicts. A struggle over whether we will know peace or suffer needlessly at our own hand. A struggle over whether we will be loving or whether we will be fearful.

Opt out of the struggle. It's Christmas for Christ's sake. It's a time where we remember Peace is available on Earth. Now. Paraphrasing a country song "all the reason's we're here, we know by heart." You can live in the fiction of the struggle. Or you can revel in the truth. The truth exactly as it is. No fooling. No despair. No hope. Just a knowing that everything is what it is.

The fantasy of wanting anything to be different than it is, keeps us stuck in the fiction and falsehoods, cause never more so... do the words of Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life spring out... "Each life touches so many others..." Let's remind ourselves to remember, what we do matters. The choices we make, no matter how small. MATTER.

Choose wisely. And take care of your own 10 cubic feet. Let's make this the Eve of something amazing. We've all been given so many gifts.

it's time. to use them.

Photography by: The Franklin Files.

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