Monday, November 09, 2009

So Who Needs Roses.

"The mistake of accepting less than you need and convincing
yourself you would be fine was the ultimate heartbreaker. I
was left out on a limb of my own choosing. Good luck getting
off the limb without the fire department, the S.W.A.T rescue
team and every known form of coaxing you could find.

I was young. I didn’t understand the bargain I had made. I
didn’t understand the choice I had given up, and I didn’t
understand how it would betray me. I was caught up in the
youth and rapture of being in love. It took a long time to
release the recriminations.

So who needs roses."

Excerpted from Melanie Lutz's THE BARE MELCESSITIES "So Who Needs Roses" chapter available at Amazon.

Inspired by Jerry Herman's luscious words and music from Mack and Mabel, which beautifully tells the story of Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand's tragic relationship.

Would have loved to have found Robert Preston singing it, however, to give you a flavor here's Michael Feinstein performing the song. (Try not to be too disturbed by his facial ticks)

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As a bonus, here's Bernadette Peters singing Time Heals Everything.

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