Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ingredients for Life - Get Bare Tip #36

My tiny powerhouse cherub faced Italian grandmother used to say when asked what went into her heavenly lasagna “here’s the recipe” handing it over with a smile on her face and a crack of kensho in her heart “but, it’s not going to taste the same.” Off the puzzled faces that stared back at her ... “it’s up to you to experiment with ingredients, add new ones, make your own lasagna.”

It is amazing how far we’ll go to stick with something that isn’t working to try to make it work. How often we don’t even recognize it’s grown as bland as cardboard institutional food. Have no memory of what bold and lively tastes like, so lost in the routine we don’t remember we’re not adding anything new to the equation.

Burning any tired recipe or introducing something new to the brew brings the cheers and applause of the heavenly choir and for me that one voice of my slightly off key Grandmother chuckling through song with a huge prideful grin on her face. Contented.

Resolve to release any recipe that doesn’t thrill and create a new one. Head into the pantry, open your eyes and try something new. Whatever it takes. Experiment with a different way of being. Right now. Every time you do, the mind is expanded, new worlds open up and your intuition gets to frolic.

On the road to a delight filled life may your recipes expand and grow, may you wake to try new things and may your days surprise, and I hope your lasagna is heaven on earth.