Sunday, November 11, 2012

In honor and peace!

Today is Veteran's Day!

This holiday commemorates the U.S. men and women who have given of themselves in military service to our country.

It's a time of remembrance. It's a time to honor those who encourage the ideals that we all share.

peace on earth.
freedom of expression.
love of our neighbors.
service to country.

Sometimes you can lose sight of their losses and the sacrifice in the rush of living our lives. But. Nothing brings it so heart-renderingly home than a roll call listing the names of those who have lost their lives or been wounded in the war in Iraq. As the names are read. and. continue on endlessly. as the rushing of loss shakes through your entire body. something else happens. the names are not the only thing read off at the roll call of honor. the ages are also called. and those ages go something like this... twenty one year old. twenty two year old. nineteen year old. twenty three year old... and. on and on.

Every soldier has a story. Every soldier knows why they endure the atrocities they need to endure. Every soldier puts their heart on the line to a greater knowing. And as we move through this understanding may there be peace in our hearts and love in our lives.

Veteran's THANK YOU SO MUCH for your service!
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