Monday, November 23, 2009

Harmony in Grace.

"I want in fact to borrow the language of the saints -- to live "in grace" as much of the time as possible... By grace I mean an inner harmony, essentially spiritual, which can be transformed into outward harmony. I am seeking perhaps what Socrates asked for in the prayer from the Phaedrus when he said, "May the outward and inward man be at one." I would like to achieve a state of inner spiritual grace from which I could function and give as I was meant in the eyes of God."

From Anne Morrow Lindbergh's GIFT FROM THE SEA

This moving and insightful book kicked off my journey through healing that would become my first book THE BARE MELCESSITIES:Walking Out. Waking Up. Getting Bare.

It's interesting how history works, my knowledge of Anne Lindbergh would have ended with the wacky footnote of being the mother of the Lindbergh baby except for my Therapist's love of books and a deeply resonating fear of water that brought the book into my hands. Anne broke through her early and painful tragedy, went on to have five children, write a ton of books and was a famous aviator in her own right. She juggled it all beautifully, keeping herself open to the moments of quiet, and when necessary creating her own. She became a conduit for learning and the spirit of reclaiming an earthy energy.

It wouldn't become clear until way down my publishing process how stirring the reference to Socrates words, "may the outward and inward man be at one" became. Something my unconscious had picked up and wanted to share, wanted to experience and had unwittingly worked it's way into every conversation through my book pre-publicity tour.

Realizing I had first read it in Anne Linbergh's book brought me an explosive moment of recognition that we are all speaking from the same source, we couch it in all we do, and we express ourselves and recall and process as is necessary to upgrade our system through our evolution.

The process of working through my first book accomplished everything I could have ever hoped, bringing my inner and outer man in harmony. A harmony that is now humming!

I want to thank Anne Morrow Lindbergh for her work, her efforts and her own journey to find a little peace and solace in the world.

Just as the tides ebb and flow, Anne's reminder and simple message that everywhere things seem hopeless in a sea of change the next step is always available and waiting.

Let's borrow from the language of the saints and live "in grace" as often as possible. Celebrating the gift of each moment. In harmony.

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