Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanks Barnes & Noble for a great Saturday Night!

We set up our table at the front of the store next to the magazine racks, in front of the O Magazine's and settled in for our 6pm start time. With Oprah at my shoulder and the angels on patrol we unleashed the love and started signing and selling The Bare Melcessities, Barnes & Noble style.

All I'll say, there's a magic in the way the universe works...

From the woman who bought a book and had to call her therapist while waiting in line to immediately add the book to their church's 'women in transition' group, to the mother just happening into the store after visiting her daughters, who is recommending it to her book club of over 21 years, yes they've been reading a book a month for 21 years, through divorce, breakups, deaths, kids, laughs, lives, etc., to the Fired Up group that came to support and buy books, to dear friends from my past lives, to the single woman who had already read the book, and loved it, now buying another copy because she lent hers to her boyfriend and he wouldn't give it back, to the store manager who was so excited about all the great energy in the place he was positively giddy with cool complimentary vibes at the end of the night, to my best friend, who showed up to give support and be there for me, and to my new friends collected in the process of marketing the date... I'm blessed to have met all of you.

The coolest thing for me as I experience the rich depth of feeling and encouragement and 'you go girl' and all the thanks for sharing is... the feeling is totally mutual. Everyone I meet and connect with means the world to me. I feel like we're all learning so much about this experience of loving ourselves. As my journey continues, and grows deeper, as one after another joins in and starts their own process, we're all remembering the truth, and, that, is awesome.

Thank you again Barnes & Noble and the store's community relations manager, Penny Armstrong, for allowing me the space to throw down a little 'bare' love. It is most appreciated!

Look forward to the next date.

Until then, please feel free to buy a copy online.
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