Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Above the Crowd.

Passing along the wisdom from Guru Singh at Yoga West: The Home of Kundalini Yoga.

You, as your present identity, arrived with consciousness
through thousands of progressive incarnations.
Your destination, the true identity of your destination, is your journey. The journey from where you are (fate), to who you are (destiny).

The ancients called it rasayana; a Sanskrit word for the path of pure essence using innocence to locate your inner-sense and arrive at some common sense while experiencing life.

There are only two promises you must bring to this journey:

(1) accept the starting point of where you are, and
(2) believe you are authorized to reach your destiny.

Set up a personal daily practice of yoga, conscious breathing while walking, and meditation.

Move one small step forward every day and measure your progress after each forty days. Celebrate your experiences when you succeed and also when you fail.

Remember: failures are very important steps toward your goal . . . the goal of your destiny.


Good stuff from the Guru.

Starting today. Destiny is yours. Mine. Ours.
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