Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goodbye Bush!

And no, it's not the cry of the straight girl who experimented in bi-curious land. It's officially and finally over.... and out.

We thank George Bush for his service, for his unerring and steadfast display of arrogance that shook Americans to the point they were ripped out of a deep paralysis that had blanketed the country. We thank George Bush for showing us what doesn't work. And for igniting a passionate movement of peaceful, thoughtful activists committed to integrity and new ideas. We thank George Bush for reminding us that service actually means to serve and is the pathway to love, and mostly we thank him for making it so obvious that sitting on the sidelines wasn't an option, that we had no choice but to show up. In force. To show up for justice, to show up for truth, and to show up for change.

So while I am thankful.... I say...

Goodbye. W.

Goodbye dickish-ness, goodbye arrogance, goodbye ignorance, goodbye truthiness, goodbye self interest...

Just a big, full hearted GOOD BYE.

Please enjoy this clip from a recent Jon Stewart show...

My jaw is unclenched, my shoulders are relaxed and I am feeling free. at last.
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