Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Primum non nocere -- "First, do no harm."

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As we achieve a collective gridlock in beliefs, ideologies, passions, fundamentals. As we witness our neighbors staking claim and taking a position. As we see that the 'voting' system breaking down because we're middling. 50 percent of people are inherently going to disagree with our fundamental beliefs. The stalemate has evened out. The only choice left is to go to the deeper levels, the deeper levels where we are all connected, and live in that common ground.

And the great news. that common ground is easy. it's love based. it's compassion filled and it's everywhere.

Everything is getting a voice. We're getting to see clearly what it means to have feelings that have never been given light, through stuttered and incoherent eruptions and name calling. And as we stutter through them, and they are given voice. It's becoming obvious that it's all ridiculous frustrations that are getting released.

It feels like the end is coming to a two party system that doesn't reflect the spirit of a country built on freedom.

The end of what separates us and the beginning of a humanistic approach is in our sites. Our goals are the same no matter who are what we believe.

If we "first do no harm" to one another. imagine the possibilities for positive action.

It goes back to the truth. "Do not onto others what you would wish not them do onto you."

We all have different ways that we experience the truth. because those ways are different. doesn't mean it isn't a truth. there is only one truth.

And that one truth isn't "truthiness."

it's so easy to point out what's not right. but. it's important that we look at what is.

there is a great healing. a great light being cast on the things that aren't important so it can lead us to the truth.

Conviction is the army of truth free from the blindfold of judgements.


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