Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Class Act.

Hillary Rodham Clinton offers tremendous insight into the uniquely American creation. A powerhouse woman in all her blazing glory. She kicks ass. Takes numbers. And. With a silvery smile on her face she gets knocked down and she keeps going.

This question comes up for me everytime I think about the divisiveness of Mrs. Clinton...

Is it a cautionary tale or a hero's journey?

People respect her, admire her tenacity. But. They are either lovers (and fanatical lovers) or they are haters.

James Carville said it best... "this is a bad night for Hillary haters."

There's something that connects for me with Hillary Clinton, I can't put it into words. I can't even explain it to myself. Some intangible unconscious unnameable feeling. A feeling that tugs at me. A feeling that echoed in her speech tonight.

"America's greatness is bound up in its people."

Whenever I step out of my house. I see the greatness in everyone that I meet. This is a great place to live. And. I want to feel great about the leadership of our country again.

There's a resonance with her message, her motherhood, her fierceness that I miss in the gleaming smile, polished, "wow, look at me -- blown up all big and shit -- I'm just a regular guy" slick intelligence of Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton represents so many stories. of greatness. of people on the streets. of neighborhoods, cities and rural municipalities. of unique individuals who put their hopes and dreams at her feet. entrusting her with them. Knowing that she would carry them forward.

I'm taking nothing away from Barack Obama. But there's a craftiness, a folcrum of excellence that age and experience brings to the table.

A part of me I can't name and can't get a grip on. Longs for something that Hillary Rodham Clinton offers.

As I write this, perhaps it's the qualities she embodies. the qualities of the wild kingdom. the quality of the lioness, who protects her cubs at all costs. The protectiveness of the female hyenas who circle their young so they can eat first.

This spirit is innate in the female power of the planet. A power that's growing stronger, day by day, moment by moment.

So while people are polarized by Hillary Rodham Clinton. I am drawn to the strength from which she draws from.

As Candy Crowley said, "this is a woman who delivers when she needs to."

And deliver Hillary did.

"You never gave in, you never gave up." Now. We get to move forward.

I might not be able to express it or put my finger on it....but from the floor of the Pepsi Center, Ann Price Mills, one of the delegates sent to the convention to vote for Hillary Clinton said it straight out, with tears in her eyes, and her emotions barely under the surface...

"She's evidence that women have come so far. A phenomenal. powerful. moving person... Experience speaks to me. What we just saw was Presidential."

"In her eyes and in her words... I saw a future of possibility. I saw a country that we strive to be."

Not knowing where to go with Barack Obama, Mills ended with "Now for the first time, I don't feel like voting in November."

:Clinton Delegate's Emotional Reaction to Hillary's DNC Speech:

Mills cries are the cries of many of us. Who want something more. Who want someone we can count on. Who want someone who's tough enough to stand when things look bad.

Clinton's shown she's a fighter. And in that fight she's connected with the hearts and minds of a large portion of this country.

I contend that the crying and the emotions and the loss people are feeling have nothing to do with Hillary Rodham Clinton, but, she is most certainly channeling a mood. A mood that has everything to do with the current state of our union.

Will The Cries Be Heard.

Hillary's rousing final punctuation mark to her historic speech came in the form of the story of Harriet Tubman's advice to those journeying toward freedom escaping the tyranny of their brothers... "if you hear the dogs, keep going... if you hear yelling... don't ever stop."

"Even in the darkest moments... that's what American's have done. Found the faith to keep going."

While I can't name it. I can't place it. I humbly accept the truth.

There is no doubt I am a fan of Hilary Rodham Clinton.

God speed.

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