Sunday, August 10, 2008

"We have A Host Of Complicated Issues."

As Bush so rightly put it... "Wall Street got drunk and now it has a hangover. The question is when will it sober up...."

:Bush Jokes Off Camera About the State of the Economy:

Some things are funny. This most certainly is not.

I'm tired of hearing jokes accompanying massive bail outs of businesses that exercised poor personal judgement stemming from a super helping of greed.

We are living in an era where systematic synergistic corruption has been tolerated, accepted, and applauded. Statements like things are "too complicated" and the American people have "more important" concerns than to be bothered with sorting through policy issues has to stop.

The means are inherent in the ends and in our means we need to steer our own ship into the deeper conversation. The conversation that uncovers the truth. And when we uncover that truth, we need to face it.

As Carl Jung said "our biggest problems can't be solved. they can only be outgrown." We will not be able to get ourselves out of these problems overnight but we can certainly stand up to that which is unacceptable, moment by moment, piece by piece, item by item.

Right thinking is always available. It's not dictated. It's not intimidated. It's not earned. or forced. or bought or sold. It is.

Let's get ourselves into right thinking and take action.

Call Department of the Treasury, Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr at (202) 622-2000 and express yourself.

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